Internet Placement Optimization For Highly Competitive Niches

Internet Placement Optimization
For Highly Competitive Niches

The Long Haul

Getting to Number One Over Time.

Have you noticed so far that this SEO site is different from many that just load up the pages with quick bullet points and no explanations anywhere because they do not want you to know what they’re supposed to be doing? Operating under the theory that the less you know the better, what they don’t do that you don’t know about can’t hurt them.  The best SEO sites are the ones that freely share information and inform both clients and SEOs.  Cryptic and dubious claims of “Guaranteed first spot in Google” SEO sites are all over the internet, but it’s unethical to claim such things (particularly in an open statement without knowing the products or services that a client has built his or her site around) because to guarantee a first page ranking implies a special relationship with Google, and there are no such relationships. 
The reason I take the time to explain what search engine optimization is about is because I read many of the books, follow dozens of blogs, and use many of the same tools as the acknowledged SEO industry standard experts. I also study marketing and sales theory, psychology, design, web analytics and a lot more on a daily basis.   There are a lot of late breaking Search Engine Algorithm and rule changes constantly undergoing discussion on the web (Google announced that there would be 40 changes in March 2012 alone!).  Though I don’t update this site in its entirety, when I have time I am careful to include whatever accurate new SEO information I can that is agreed upon by recognized top SEO experts and change the things on this site that have been optimized but are now no longer valid.
Site owners needing longer periods of continual optimization efforts mostly require more high ranking links from other web sites plus additional content on their own web sites added in a special way using a technique known as siloing. They can also benefit from (require) more press releases on the web.  Typical ongoing search optimization is usually contracted for one six month period at a time because as a site reacts favorably to initial optimization, the next phase may require entirely different or additional methods once analytics reveals where more development will help improve a site. Stealing content will likely get your site shut down by your own ISP starting in July 12th of 2012, and “Over SEOing” of your site will get you penalized by Google due to a brand new change in their algorithm just announced in March of 2012 as well. Be prepared for your sites to disappear if all you do is tell an SEO “Optimize my site” but don’t give him any content or listen to the SEO’s professional advice about adding content, changing content, and paying more work to get critical back links.
Press release sites, if you use the correct ones, will place your business right on the news pages for Yahoo News, Google News,  MSN News and many others.,, (none of which are free) are great starting points, with a lot more press release sites listed in the right hand column of this page under “Press Release Sites”. 
With enough press releases on a scheduled basis (as little as four times per year) your clients’ searches will be made easier and you’ll gain a lot more links and traffic.  While optimizing for the search is important, it’s not the only thing that optimization should be about.  Traffic is a major part of the key – and the magic number that represents the amount of traffic on your site is the Alexa Ranking.  Perhaps one of the  new terms for optimization will one day be “Alexa Optimization” because in many ways, Alexa rank means actually getting your site visited than than mere Google rank alone.  Ranking alone won’t convert visitors to purchasers as much as using consistency and good copy writing aimed at a targeted market.
Search Engine Copywriting delivers advantages to your specific client of choice
You may think you want “everybody” to be your client, but trying to be everything to everyone doesn’t work.  SEO, Copywriting and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) work together by taking copy writing (sales pitches) and optimizing them for the search engines, as well as possibly for Pay Per Click (if that proves to work for your product or service) and other forms of web advertising.  Writing SEO copy is copy writing with the search engine in mind.  Done artfully and with an understanding of marketing, a good SEO can turn great copy writing into blended masterpiece for site conversions that will make you money.  Watch and enjoy the two videos below from a few professionals in the Search Engine Copywriting field.

When your prospective new clients (who do not know your company name) search they first need to find your site.  After they find it for your products and services that match what they are looking for these products and services must be presented in such a way that makes your site stand out distinctly. Your marketing copy (MARCO) must immediately point out the benefits of buying from you – and your offer must compelling enough to make them want to buy now. There are millions of people who search daily for the lowest price available and who target words like “cheap” and “free”. You don’t want to attract these people unless you’re a major high volume sales industry where low markups are made up for by extremely high volume sales. With properly marketed offers though you can brand bundle benefits and advantages to increase conversions. 
So what’s my best advice? “Write Like a Professional
Volumes have been written about what it takes to be a professional writer. Many people spend years learning the craft, so it would be presumptuous to imagine that one could capture the essence of professional writing in a couple of paragraphs published in the middle of an article.
There are, however, a few professional writing concepts that can — at least at some level — be described here. I’ll call these concepts “audience,” “voice,” and “structure.”…” Read more on this at Practical E-Commerce‘s web site.
Call me, Dave Curtis at Brooksville Computer where I do SEO first and foremost, and web design second. If you’ve got a business with a top sales team and a marketing director and a top salesman worth their salt, and you want to get to work on some real online ranking and long term ROI call me, Dave Curtis, at Brooksville Computer cell phone 1-813-308-8614 or my office line 1-917-521-4798 so we can work together. Call me now to discuss cutting a deal for your web site’s search engine optimization. And remember – simply saying “SEO my web site” and overdoing on-site SEO keywording is cheap – but you’ll pay for it with your business.
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